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Casting Websites & Social Media Castings

If you want to act and perform where do you start looking for jobs and opportunities?

This is a big subject - but chances are you will start with the internet - that might well be how you found this website too.

Social media now plays a major part in finding new projects and castings - Facebook for example have a wide range of casting groups to join.

However lets start with "the big boys" - the ones you will meet sooner than later.

They are Starnow - Mandy [casting call pro] and Spotlight.



A talent website with free and chargeable options 

No age limitations and basically will list anyone.


Can be a good starting point - good for reality tv, film shorts, amatuer ventures, amatuer modeling - but industry castings can be found elsewhere.

A collaboration with Hollywood Immersive is a star feature as it brings in competition form the chance to win a week with Hollywood Immersive in LA.

I have had one winner and two runners up since starting The Halfling project/act4ward.






MANDY - formally Casting Call Pro


A well presented professional website and castings centre.

Although the name Mandy is quite new here as CCP very well established.

Kids and Adults are split websites - but can be controlled from one control panel if required.

High calibre of membership - basic proof of status required to join.

Excellent backup and support. 

William David/act4ward has a profile and runs castings within Mandy

Mandy is recommended to those serious about working in the industry or take part in professional castings.




The home of professional casting - requires 4 credits of pro work before joining - but it is the place YOU NEED to be.

Excellent backup and support to actors and the industry as a whole

Worth every penny to a serious performer.



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