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act4ward - joining up open series

If you interested in becoming involved with the act4ward open series of work then the first thing to do having looked at the work here is get in touch for a chat.

Open to all from the age of 15 -25 approx or via The Halfling Projectfor those under 15.

You don't need to worry abot this when applying as I can set it up for you. Contact should be by parents, teachers or authorised adults in the case of under 16 .

The difficult age range of neither a child or an adult `6-18 is easy to sort out - just ask.

So what do you need to take part - in a word enthusiasm - wanting to put the effort in and if a regular arrangement be reliable.

The first meeting is always free even if your looking to commision time - then if selected you will be invited to become part of the open series cast.

With group shoots and filming planned numbers for one day and short term work are useful.

It is fine to work in two's of you feel happier bringing a friend that's fine..

You do not have to have acting experience or want to be an actor to take part, just keen to have a go.

Should you or the person being put forward have special needs within the autistic spectrum - or just a lack of personal confidence - act4ward can be a positive move with the backing of The Halfling Project.

Most meetings are at The Station [see location section] but exceptions are made in particular with filming.

Whilst act4ward works mainly with boys - girls are not excluded for drama work.

act4ward however does not cater for female modelling however due to lack of facilities required at the station and the demands of the modelling industry.

What I try to build into act4ward is the fun aspect - drama should be fun, and the informal approach hopefully helps.

Feel free to contact to discuss - in the first instance by e.mail , the contact page on this website or the Facebook link


Be pleased to hear from you.



William D