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One of the most common questions I receive is what is the difference between an actors photoshoot and that of a model.

Truth is they often can be quite similar - but in simple terms actors are acknowledged by their personal name and brand, and often do modelling because they are in effect endorsing a product, charity or service. Then an actor will often centre on character and situation.

A model however is except for the select few quite anonymous and often commercial selling a style, a look or a cause. 

Models for commercial work need to body confident and able to comply with a commision without fuss. It often is not glamorous by the way, but can include glamour style work in it's remit.

Those starting out should be aware of the many scams out there, and also offers which lead to porn work.

Children must always have a parent or reconised chaperone with them, but that person must be commercially aware of industry requirements.. [Halfling Project]

This can include children in swimwear or depiction of hard subjects like child bullying for a charity campaign. In the industry a child is considered to be up to 18 -in regard to consent to work etc.

Many models I have worked with have gone on to act and many actors include modelling in their work.

I approach modelling in a realistic way to that to be expected out in the real world, but have strict limitations to range, avoiding glamour work page 3 style.

For reasons of amenities at the station female shoots are limited at this time, but not excluded.

For commisioned work an alternative shoot location may be used..

A specialist area of modelling work, often favoured by actors starting out is life modlling.

Act4ward offers a confidence boosting range of options to be prepared for this work.

The reason it can be so useful for actors is the great confidence boost it can give them in regard to their own body confidence and dealing with demands placed on them by many castings today.