from confidence comes progress

act4ward UK

Photography is  a major componet within act4ward.

It is where we start - how we get to know each other and with the results in view we can build a plan for the future.

Digital has brought photography to the masses, but not always for the better.

In act4ward the aims are clear - to get good pictures yes - but images with a purpose too.

From the actors headshot to character shots all is designed with the aim of building up a strong profile.

And yes , in doing so it builds up my public work.

As a photographer with 40 years experience I aim to use digital to it's fullest but backed by old fashioned film techniques.

I honestly believe it's not just being able to understand your apertures from your shutter speeds - but understanding your subject, and bringing the best from them- - whatever their age.

It's important to remember photography is used as part of the work, but rarely is it the only aspect of that work.

As you will note video has become more and more part of the industry casting process - so it has become a larger part of act4ward to.

As a photographer I am happy to work only in photography as a commision should that be desired, but for open series it forms just part of the final work. How bigger part depends on the individual taking part.



Sonnyboy Skelton in a "youth character" series  - Runaway                                                        Right:- James D - Halfling Project promo

Jonathan Thorp - Suited but not booted model.