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Jonathan Thorp - The Great Dictator

SonnyBoy Skelton - Charlie

Despite the fact that I am currently working on silent movies and mime as I write this - sounds is a very important element to drama and essensial in stuff for the radio!

Outside locations in the industry rarely use live sound but add an ADR track during editing. Filming outside with live sound is a nightmare.

Mind you sound inside has been a problem these past view months at the station with a combination of external noise [it is a station] and feedback - audio hum issues etc.

Much of this has now been resolved plus te use of a more advanced sound processing package on editing.

act4ward works on sound only projects, video obviously with sound - and techniques of dubbing voice to video , during time working together.

It's all quite basic but it's a start, and ranges from the importance of voice level approprate to the work to how to get the best from a piece.

If you in formal dramatraining hopefully they will coach you on advanced voice performance - if not a wise investment early on is an industry voice coach [ if you plan a career in acting]  as it widens your range greatly. 

act4ward will find your strengths and weak area and we can then look at how best for you to proceed. Audio drama recording is part of the open series.

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Jonathan Thorp - Saigon