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It's June 2018 and at short notice I am on a total website rebuild due to the need to use new and different web design software. The old software closes in a month so I have had to find time to do this.

Now as this is also my busiest time of year there may be a few gaps and ommisions for a while - but I will try to keep at it.

In time I hope act4ward will be a useful resource as well as providing information about what act4ward is all about and how you might take part.

Catch you later!


William D 

4th June 2018

EteSSpring 2019 Updates.

After a quiet winter Spring is, as i write this just round the corner. 

The plan for 2019 is a close tie in between The Halfling Project and act4ward which in part is illustrated by InvisAble Me as one of the key ventures.

To help keep updating of the websites simple and practical this website and that of Halfling UK /invisAble Me during 2019 may lack updates.

Instead i have setup another associated website, which with social media updating be where most news and new work can be found.

It is not my intention to give priority to website updating whilst working on the practical stuff like writing, filming and all that is involved within Halfling and act4ward.

The new website began in Feburary 2019 and slowly will build as new participants and a new regular cast builds.

To see the new website simply follow this link:-


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