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If you are serious about working in the industry as a career then building and understanding your brand is important.

Many new actors frankly do not take this seriously.

Certainly I spend a lot of time talking about brand and there is a good reason why. Until I know the brand how do i produce the right images and background profile for that actor?

In simple terms the brand is your message to the world of what you offer , what your good at, excel in oh and why they can't cast without you!

We all, including casting directors producers, directors and the catering staff form an opinion on someone within seconds of meeting them.

A carefully produced branding will ensure the right impression from the start, and don't fall into the trap of "I can do anything" - no one can - but you might soften it a bit with "I am willing to try anything" - however knowing your stengthes is a good thing and building upon them - just as important know your weaknesses and address them as need be.

So your brand is your message "Here I am" and you really need me, but with qualification. I will cover this in more detail  as we progress.


The Images:-

Above:- Craig Bowen in a mock 60's advert for Stylophone - an electronic organ. The brand was so strong that all electronic organs of this type were called Stylophones in the way that vacuum cleaners are called Hoovers. To build on the 60's branding note the strong Austin Powers references - a film brand by Mike Myers.  

Right two brands here "Kev" from act4ward and Special K from Kellogs - Kev portrayed here by Jonathan Thorp.

Bottom Image:-

The yellow bear with the eye patch has such a strong branding for Children in Need he is instantly reconised as Pudsey from the Charity and BBC TV programme.

The black eyepatch in 2016 rather than the multi coloured one was to mark the death of CIN presenter

Sir Terry Wogan.